Education convention arrived at between the University of Yaounde II- Soa and the University of Paris Sacle on Tuesday March 26, 2019 on training and research has taken the cooperation between Cameroon and France in the domain of education to another level.

It is a five year convention believed that the University of Yaounde II and University of Paris Sacle, will share expertise in law; economics, political science and management, Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered.

Signing for both institutions were Cyril Ritael , president of the Paris Catholic University and Vice President of Research, Cooperation and Enterprises for the University of Yaounde II.

The signing of the convention by officials of the University of Yaounde II and the Paris Sacle University opens doors for exchange programs for the students.

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“It is general agreement to collaborate and increase collaboration between our two Universities and particularly in the field of law and economics for PhD students”, Cyril Ritael disclosed.

The University of Yaounde II according to officials is considered a reference center in law economics and other fields of social sciences. The partnership with the Paris Sacke University which integrates several leading public Universities and top research centers in the world is described as highly beneficial.

“It is very beneficial because we can send students to Paris and receive students from France. We can award them doctorate degrees here and they can go to France and get the same document at the same time”, Vice President of Research, Cooperation and Enterprises for the University of Yaounde II attested.

Through the convention, students from the University of Yaounde II will benefit from research grants and could also earn degrees both  from their Institution and the Paris Sacle University, Cameroon News Today- CNT learned

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