The Gendarmerie commander of Ngousso, Ambata Gilbert, has been relieved of his functions following a criminal incident which involved gendarme officers under his charge.

It happened that on 19 March 2018, squabbles erupted between a taxi driver and the elements of the concerned gendarmerie station at the Omnisport locality in Yaounde, who battered the driver and locked him up.

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 Under circumstances still to be unveiled, as CRTV reports, the clash between the gendarme officers, and the driver led to the death of the latter and consequently, other taxi drivers started manifesting with anger, in front of the concerned gendarmerie station.

Immediately information about the incident reached hierarchy, a decision was taken by the secretary of the state of defence, in charge of the gendarmerie, Yves Landry Etoga, on Friday 23 March to relieve the officer of his duties.

While investigations are ongoing to reveal the truth about what happened, Fabrice Mballa Atangana will take over from the dismissed commander.

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