Cameroonian artists staged a protest on September 17 in front of the Prime Minister’s office to demand for their rights and order within the corporation.

The unhappy artists expressed their emotions in the early hours of September 17 in Yaounde in front of the services of the Prime Ministers office.

Cameroon NewsToday-CNT found out that, this protest by artists was prior to the distribution of their copyrights which as they explained has been denied them for over ten years. They therefore came dressed in black attires and carried big posters bearing the message “stand for our rights”.

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They did not just carry posters, but displayed by chanting the national anthem as a reminder of the nation’s responsibility to them as they have served Cameroon, thus needed to be treated right.

The leaders of this protest, K-Tino, Jean Pierre Essome and co, were summoned to the Prime Minister’s services where negotiations were held to subdue the protest and return calm.

After a negotiating session, these leaders came out with a promising message assuring artists that their worries will be looked into.

This successfully returned calm as the crowded artists dispersed, but promising to return if their expectations are not met.

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