Politics is a very challenging career that entails many sacrifices. Most men will not permit their wives to get into it knowing fully that their wives will lose track of home activities. Politicians have no life of their own.

The world is moving on a fast lane of mental evolution but not all these changes, apply squarely or appropriately in all societies across the globe.

In line with some international laws that promote women’s rights, I think it goes with any argument that President Paul Biya’s led government has given the Cameroonian woman the pride of place in the country’s socio-political growth.

A glaring example is during the 2013 elections that political parties where compelled to reserve seats for women. This has led to the increase of women’s participation across the political spectrum in Cameroon.

The opportunity that was given to them is a laudable initiative in the right direction because women like men, are endowed with talents that are beneficial to the livewire of the country if properly harnessed.

That said, I am contrary to the opinion of those who are advocating for a 50/50 representation or equality of women and men on the electoral list system.

My reasons are very simple. We should accept that no matter the trend of modernity, a woman remains a woman.

Women have some limitations when it comes to politics. From time immemorial, women have a traditional role of bearing children and running a home. It is practically very impossible for a woman to be very efficient both at home and in a political career.

It is clear one will take precedence over the other. As a country, if we duel so much on achieving equality and neglect quality service, we are going to realize that we have been penny-wise pounds foolish.

I say so because in some constituencies, they may choose a woman who is not interested in politics but because we want to satisfy international demand, such a person will be forcefully integrated in the list.

The direct effect is that she will not be productive to meet the demands and aspirations of those who voted her to office.

Politics is a very challenging career that entails many sacrifices. Most men will not permit their wives to get into it knowing fully that their wives will lose track of home activities. Politicians have no life of their own.

They can be called at any time of the day to meet a demand of an electorate or a party hierarchy.  This will certainly be a breeding ground of divorce cases and consequently a breakdown in the upbringing of children.

Women are the first teachers when it comes to a child’s socialization process but this will be very difficult with a woman who has taken politics as a fulltime career.

Except we are saying that we are willing to destroy the value of marriage which is a divine institution from God Almighty.

Campaign periods are very tedious times in a life of a politician. Very few women have the physical, mental and financial stability to go through this challenge. So many of them cannot withstand long hours of work and sometimes spend two or three days without sleeping.

The lack of stamina on the part of the women can be a great impediment to the electoral list, which she is running on, in the sense that collaboration will not be very effective.

This can be very detrimental to a political party that may have set its goals to win more seats in upcoming elections.

It is no secret that women find it very difficult to establish their authority in a men’s dominated world. The factor of ego is an aged long phenomenon of men.

In a constituency where a woman is the head, most of them are going through tough times with the men who do not see themselves being led by a woman.

In such circumstances, they may be overtaking by settling scores with the men who are opposing their authority than focusing on the job they have at hand.  Women cannot interact with their male followers or voters very freely at all times because it is ethically or morally compelling that they preserve their dignity as women.

This alone is a breakdown in communication, which consequently, they will not be able to reach out to everybody in their respective constituencies.

Statistic has proven that women are weak minded than men. The situation is further complicated with women who are holders of post of responsibilities. It may appear that a woman under such a condition, most of her decision will be influenced by the husband, friends or a close relative. Such women are subjected to financial misappropriation due to influence.

In general terms, women are known to be shy in nature. This gives them a very weak bargaining position because most often, their male counterparts will intimidate them.

In such a case, women are likely to achieve very little for their people. Overall, for a few women who have the passion to improve on the lives of their people, I think they can be given a chance to proof themselves in a political career but to institute equality between men and women on the electoral list, does not interpret the reality of nature as explained above.

Ekema Emmanuel is the Political Editor of Cameroon News Today-CNT.