“Brasseries du Cameroun” has awarded medals to meritorious workers the West Region of Cameroon following a medal award ceremony organized recently in the region.

During the ceremony, the CEO Emmanuel de Tailly explained how the company’s industrial base is structured.

To him, SABC is in partnership with 6000 local farmers who provide 30.000 tons of sugar and 10.000 tons of corn annually.

They equally have brewer sources from about 2,900 local sub-contractors for an annual purchase of CFA six billion.

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Mr. Emmanuel further said that with 15% of Cameroonian ownership, SABC is the largest agri-business industrial complex in Cameroon and most probably in the central African sub region.

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With 6,500 direct jobs, nine factories and 42 distribution centres supplemented by 1000 vehicles carrying about three million bottles a day, a movement which is equivalent to moving round the earth 6000 times in one year.

The company gives out 100.000 indirect jobs with a current turnover of about CFA 650 billion.

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