Trade Minister Luc Magloire Atangana March 26, 2019 have visited local markets in Yaounde to ensure that the prices of commodities like rice and fish are respected.

It has been close to two weeks that household consumers have been complaining to the price hikes of some commodities like fish and rice in markets.

Reacting to these complaints saw Trade Minister Luc Magloire Atangana in local markets in the nation’s capital Yaounde to ascertain the situation.

It was relieved to buyers in markets in Yaounde on Tuesday March 26 when Minister Luc Magloire Atangana made his way into the markets in Biyem-assi, Mvogbi, Mokolo among others.

After having been subjected to sharp increase in the prices of items without due authorisation, buyers upon seeing the Minister knew the situation has come under control. Fish for example like Macqueriel usually sold at FCFA 1200 for a kilogram is now being sold at higher prices. Some sellers asking for FCFA 1800 while others the same quantity sell at FCFA 2000.

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As Cameroon News Today- CNT learned, Trade Minister observed that inspite of the shifty nature of some retailers other business persons were however selling at moderate prices.

Due to price fluctuation, some have resigned from eating fish in their homes until further notice. “Because of the increase price of fish, I prefer to buy meat because when you buy the fish it will not even contain the persons at home”, a buyer attested.

The Minister assured the retailers to stabilise prices.

Reacting to what he has observed, the Minister instructed economic operators stabilise prices: “…I give five days to the economic operators and my collaborators to bring order and discipline in the field”.

He promised to put his collaborators at work in order to achieve the said objective, Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered.

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