In spite of the 36% reduction of Canada’s importation saw wood in 2018, due to the cut in expedition of practically all producer countries, Cameroon and USA saw an increase in their exportation from the first month.

According to the International Organisation for Tropical Wood, that brought to light this information, in conjunction note published recently, the Cameroon export increase to Canada is principally supported by the expedition of Sapelli.

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As Cameroon News Today- CNT learned, presently exported in great quantity to the United States of America, Cameroon’s Sapelli is one of the wood varieties the most exported to Canada, alongside Acajou.

Again, Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered that the exportation of the Sapilli and Acajou specie of wood to these North American countries tripled by the end of the month of October 2017, placing Cameroon among the first tropical wood exporters to these countries.

Worth recalling is the fact that since 2011, according to different reports of the National Port Authority, wood is the first Cameroon export product, aside charcoal.

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