The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, ECA, Ms. Vera Songwe’s visit to Cameroon has once more exposed the Cameroonian mentality and the future of talents in Cameroon.

The 72 hours official State visit of the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, ECA, Ms.

Vera Songwe in Cameroon; Wednesday April 17 to Friday April 19, 2019 is of great relevance to the economy of Cameroon.

One of such importance is Cameroon’s acceptance to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and according to the Economist, Cameroon’s drive towards sustainable developmet and structural transformation could be better achieved through its ratification and adherence to the Africa Free Trade Charter.

Many Economists and even political analysts have applauded Ms. Vera Songwe’s coming to Cameroon and the promising future the economy of Cameroon is about to get into, thanks to the vital proposals the international figure has chipped in.

As the economy of Cameroon smiles at the impact Ms. Songwe’s visit has created, it should also be an opportunity for political analysts and policy makers to read within the lines and right the wrongs, in order for Cameroon to take a step closer to the much talked about Vision 2035 emergence.

Ms. Vera Songwe is presently in the eyes of all, an authority; a ready-made product which now commands respect, but memories of what she was and what made her who she is could be fading.

She is a talent who was singled out in America after having built her capacities via quality education, shortly after potentials were identified in her. After having refined her potentials, an American nationality was then given her.

Why was she not sent back to her country or why didn’t she return home in order to transfer knowledge and put to practice what she learned? This could be food for thought.

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After having built her capacities, she was retained in order to make use of her talents and today she is being sent home under a diplomatic capacity; like to say “Go and tell them about our policies and help them come out of mess”.

Ms. Vera Songwe, Cameroonian by origin, hailing from the North West Region of Cameroon, where culture and tradition is highly respected, sits with Cameroon’s Head of State and have her legs crossed.

In international relations, a personality should be of a high grade before he/she can share the same seat with a Head of State; Ms. Vera Songwe is of that high grade, that is why she sat with Cameroon’s Head of State on the same couch.

Analysing inter-personal communication, Ms. Vera Songwe speaking eye ball to eye ball with President Paul Biya during an audience granted her at the Unity Palace is proof of equality in competence and even power.

Many talents are leaving the country and are being acknowledged and put to use where they are welcomed.

Cameroon needs just finer and more apt policies to take the country out of this somewhat ‘mess’. Cameroon’s educational policies are yet to meet up with present realities. Cameroon needs to start honouring their own “Prophets”. The future is bright.

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