An evaluation meeting of pertinent issues about University Institutions in Cameroon chaired by the Minister of Higher Education Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo is on the way in Yaoundé.

Heads of some State Universities are meeting, to evaluate pertinent issues about University Institutions in Cameroon. Chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, preparation of the 2018 University Games, the distribution of the 5000 Paul Biya Higher Education laptops and the operationalization of new faculties and schools within universities are amongst others some of the issues discussed by members of the University coordination commission and stake holders of higher education.

The meeting is being characterised by presentation of various subject of evaluation and interactive sessions. The Heads of some State Universities which have newly created faculties are using the occasion to express gratitude to the Head of State while also remarking that all is well on course to ensure the smooth running of these institutions.

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“We benefit from the Head of State this year the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences. We organised successfully a competitive entrance examination and from more than 2000 candidates, we retained 50 students for medical studies, 25 for pharmaceutical studies of which 2 are foreign students…”, Rector of the University of Dschang, Prof Roger Tsafac Namfoso explained.

The meeting is being attended by all Vice Chancellors and Rectors of State Universities, a representative from the Prime Minister’s Office and from the Ministries of Finance, Economy and Regional Development, Secondary Education, Public Service and Administrative Reforms and Scientific Research and Innovation.

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