One of Cameroon’s finest actors Azuhni Elvis, has made some stunning revelations about himself in an interview with Cameroon News Today-CNT.

Among other points that the Bambui born actor made mention of concerning himself, he indicated that he is someone who dares a lot and that is why he joined the Cameroon film industry which many consider not to be lucrative business.

CNT:  Mr. Azuhni Elvis, you are welcome on CNT, can you tell us who you are and where you come from?

Azuhni Elvis: Thank you CNT, my name is Azuhni Elvis, popularly known as Crusader, a 31-year old Cameroonian from Bambui. Had my O/L in starlight college Nkwen and A/L in CCAST bambili, BSc in management in 2009 from UB, and a holder of a professional teachers training certificate in education from UBa IN 2016. Presently a secondary school teacher.

CNT: Looking at the certificates that you have, they have little or no link with acting. Did u acquire them just for acquiring sake or is it that you still have plans relating to what you studied in school?

Azuhni Elvis: Like I said earlier, am a risk taker and believe in taking the first step before others… MINESEC has a new program to introduce cinema in high school. To this effect, am going in for an MSc in PVA to be better prepared to drill these kids in the art.

CNT: Okay, can you tell us how this adventure actually started?

Azuhni Elvis: Back in my high school days, a friend stopped by to check on me on his way to Rehearsals. I was overwhelmed when he talked of film acting. So my curiosity made me follow him to actually see how it’s done. That’s how I became interested and have never left the industry since then.

CNT: So it’s just something in the blood or did you undergo some training no matter how small, in acting?

Azuhni Elvis: Apart from that burning passion to act, I went through serious Theatre training back in my university days under the mentorship of Anurin (Root Art)

CNT: Can you list some of the films that you have acted?

Azuhni Elvis: Some of the films I have acted include; Crossing the bar, Butterfly, Dark view, Nightmares, Forsaken desire, Bed of thorns, The company, Votary.

CNT: What feedback have you gotten from your fans and the public as a whole about that wonderful work you’ve done already in the film industry?

Azuhni Elvis: I hate that my fans try to relate me with other Nigerian/Ghanaian actors. I prefer when they see me as Azuhni Elvis and as a unique person. But I conclude that they appreciate my art, that’s why they are able to compare me to other international actors.

CNT: Which prominent actors have you got to work with in Cameroon?

Azuhni Elvis: I’ve worked with Libota McDonald, Nchifor Valery, Mambo Augusta, Brawn Hilda, Mboh RK, Azah Melvine, Dominus Yannick, Epule Jeffery.

CNT: Do you have any personal projects you are working on?

Azuhni Elvis: In collaboration with a young producer in the person of Jean Jacques, we are working on a crime and investigation film titled “Chase” to be shot around mid September.

CNT: Have you made your fans know about this project? If yes, what are their reactions about it?

Azuhni Elvis: Am presently in Bafoussam, shooting a series and I’ve talked to a few of them about my upcoming movie “Chase” and they are amazed about the professionalism I plan on bringing to the set. God willing, I got two characters that I’ll love to have on my set.

CNT: Many people say the film industry is not lucrative in Cameroon. Why did you decide to join it?

Azuhni Elvis: I am a risk taker. I take the first step into ventures when people are still doubting and reluctant to get into. In a nutshell, I consider the Cameroon film industry as a virgin bush with so much endowment yet to be exploited. So, this is the best time for anyone who wants to secure a bright future in Cameroon.

CNT: If you say so does it mean that you don’t care about the financial gains for the moment?

Azuhni Elvis: I do care about the financial gains for sure especially as I have bills to pay. But the passion drives me more.

CNT: Where do you see the film industry in Cameroon in the next five years?

Azuhni Elvis: I see the government’s full involvement in the industry in five years time or less, as well as many other multi-national companies. This will see the industry employing so many youths and contributing significantly to the GDP of this country.

CNT: What can you tell those who are scared to venture into acting in Cameroon?

Azuhni Elvis: We don’t need to be scared about taking risks because life itself is a risk. So, why not risk a few francs or time or energy to gain a brighter future?

CNT: Thank you Mr Azuhni Elvis and good luck in your career.

Azuhni Elvis: You are welcome and thank you too

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