Members of the SDF political party, have indicated that the absence of their names on the list of the recently appointed senators in Cameroon is not a surprise to them.

This is an opinion that is shared by Jean Robert Wafo, the Minister of Communication of the “shadow cabinet” of the Social democratic front, and who equally serves as the assistant mayor of the Douala 2 council.

In an interview granted to the equinox radio, the SDF member said it’s something normal to them “looking at the list of the recently appointed senators, we realise that we are in a country of dishonesty, where it is the same people who are in power for years. For us we have remained loyal to our policies.”

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“We have always declared among ourselves in the SDF that we will always be part of public institutions through elections and not by nomination, a situation in which one person decides on all.” Jean Robert Wafo declared.

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