The Post Week-Ender of March 19TH 2018 makes an incursion into the abduction of the newly appointed Cameroon General Certificate of Education board chair Prof. Leke Tambo last Saturday March 17th during a rally to thank President Biya for appointing Minister Paul Tasong as Minister Delegate in charge of planning at the Ministry of the Economy. The newspaper reveals that Minister Paul Tasong present at the rally, escaped abduction by the ‘Ambazonian’ Forces but his house was set on fire.

In the same light the Guradian Post titles: Why and how ‘Ambazonian’ fighters kidnapped the G.C.E Board Chair. It also reports that the Wabane Mayor was captured,tortured and later freed while Minister Paul Tasong escaped abduction by the ‘Ambazonia’ forces but his house at Menji was set on fire.

The Sun Newspaper in its headliner says: ‘Hell let loose in Libialem’ as the G.C.E board chair Prof. Leke was abducted, while hired Dschang University students were ambushed by the ‘Ambazonian’ forces during a thank you rally. It also reveals that Minister Paul Tasong’s residence was burnt down. The newspaper highlights that the week had recorded another series of bloody clashes in Ndian, Meme, Manyu and Kupe – Manenguba just like previous weeks. Detailed information on thiese can be read on page 2 of the newspaper.

The Guardian post reports that the daring recently appointed Minister of Territorial Administration and decentralization storms the ‘Ambazonians’ fighters’ stronghold in the North West region on an official visit. This is the first time after his appointment of visiting the North West region during which he passed on President Biya’s message to the population and the administration alike.

In a consistent manner the Post Newspaper highlights Minister Atanga Nji’s message to the North West Fons which was that of peace keeping and active collaboration with the entire administration towards development. Analysis of the visit is on page 2 of the newspaper.

The Sun news paper still on Minister Atanga Nji’s visit to the NorthWest region recounts his message in a statement quoted as: ‘ Biya has solved 90% of the Anglophone problem. An indepth analysis of the story can be seen on page 3 of the newspaper.