Cameroon’s Chief Executive has since embraced digital communication through internet as a means to be in touch with the national and international community. Presidents Paul Biya tweets regularly through the official twitter account of the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Since the creation of the account in 2011 the President of the Republic has published 4628 tweets.

A good number of these tweets contain information regarding the President’s activities; decrees, audiences at the state house and messages addressed to fellow Heads of States.

Since 23rd April 2018, the tone changed, President Paul Biya has gone the extra mile to remind the Cameroonians youths to work towards forging a peaceful and prosperous nation.

“I request you to work relentlessly and with abnegation so as to be always deserving of the fatherland and build in peace a State which is not a mere juxtaposition of ethnic, religious groups, but a real national community”

Tweet released on 23rd April 2019 is an extract of the Head of States message to the Youth on 11th February 2019.

The tweets highlighting the importance of living together and some salient points that have appeared in the President’s addresses regarding the life of the nation have been welcomed by the over 418 thousand followers of the page.

The messages that appear in English and French have received so many likes, shares and re-tweets by Cameroonians.

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The President’s tweet of 24th April that reads, “We can build lasting peace if we put our hearts, minds and hands together. Better still, we can build a strong and prosperous Cameroon, united and dynamic” has 537 like, 108 re-tweets and 216 comments.

Regarding the democratic process in Cameroon, President Paul tweeted that, Democracy must not breed hatred, demagogy, and factionalism which corrupts and perturbs social peace. Democracy is a spirit of criticism, and not criticism for its own sake.”

At a time when Cameroon’s unity is threatened by secessionist tendencies in the North West and South West regions, President Paul BIya pinpoints the root causes and calls on citizens to combat the vice, “Cameroon really needs true national Unity; it should not be the victim of tribalism, nepotism, carelessness and corruption. We must all fight effectively against such ills which easily undermine an entire nation.”

These messages and more are given out to Cameroonians who are also bracing up for the celebration of the Feast of National Unity in about three weeks on 20th May 2019.

It will be the first to the chaired by President Paul Biya since he was reelected on 7th October 2018.

Source CRTV.

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