(CNT)Decentralisation does not mean disappearance of the State after the transfer of power to local authorities; a resumé of PM Yang’s response to Hon Ndam Njoya.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang has laid to rest wrong thoughts that have lingered for long since the issue of decentralisation in Cameroon popped up.
This clarification was triggered by Hon Ndam Njoya, who was concerned about the collaboration which exists between local elected officials  and administrative authorities acting as representative of the State.
According to Hon Ndam Njoya’s preoccupation, officials representing the State seem to have an overbearing hand on the officials who are elected at the local level.

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As Cameroon News Today- CNT learned, PM Yang responded by quoting Article 55 of the constitution: “Local authorities shall be freely administered by councils elected under conditions laid down by the law and that State shall exercise supervisory powers over regional and local authorities”.
From this response Cameroon News Today- CNT deduces that decentralisation does not mean total disappearance of the State after transfer of powers to local authorities.

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