PM Dion Ngute arrived the North West regional capital Bamenda on Thursday 9th May 2019.It was a large and eager crowd that welcomed him at the Ayaba Hotel.

Representatives of all socio-political and cultural groups turned out to see and exchange with the PM.

From the tentative programme released to the press, it is evident that Chief Dr. Dion Ngute had come with ears wide open to listen.

An emotion-packed scene welcomed the PM into the Bamenda Ayaba Hotel where the PM is lodged.

Mothers of the region in tears, forced their way into Ayaba Hotel to tell the PM enough is enough.

The women have lost many children to the crisis and now have the opportunity to tell government to focus on ways of ending the crisis.

PM’s message to the population

His tone conveyed his feeling. The PM was so touched by the situation but frankly stated that he was in Bamenda on the instructions of the Head of State.

In Pidgin English, a language that translates affinity with the population, the PM consoled the population in grief.

He challenged all in their various capacities to contribute to the end of the crisis.

To the children in the bushes, the PM in a fatherly tone, advised them to end the prevailing situation of hardship. He assured these children that government will grant them total protection if they come out of the bushes.

He said it was time for them to avail themselves of the different opportunities and be reintegrated into main stream life.

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PM in Bamenda: The audiences

The head of government stated that he has come to lay the groundwork for a constructive dialogue to end the crisis in NOSO.

This explains why he granted a number of audiences with the aim of assembling recommendations.


The first to be received this 10th May 2019 was a delegation headed by John Fru Ndi. The SDF delegation proposes;

# Release of all persons arrested in relation to the crisis

# Postponement of any elections to be carried out in the present situation of crisis

# Identification of a mediator acceptable to government and the population

# A bilateral seize fire


It was a marathon day II in Bamenda. The PM listened to recommendations from

Political Parties, Traditional rulers, Religious bodies.

Teacher’s Trade Unions and University Community.

Chief Dr. Dion Ngute once again advised students of the University to work for peace and table all their concerns for an upcoming dialogue.

Source crtv.

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