Paul Atanga Nji has always been present on the terrain to see for himself and take immediate action like the recent fire incident in Marche Congo in Douala.

Many Cameroonians have described minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji as a “square peck in a square hole” because of his vibrancy as ever-presence in situations necessitating his presence.

Appointed on March 2, 2018, by a Presidential Decree, after his pro-government stance in the Anglophone crisis, he has since the appointment been living up to the task. Since his appointment, he has embarked on two official visits to the Far North Region to see how the population significantly affected by Boko Haram terrorists and encourage Boko Haram ex-combatants. This mission is a daring one as the Far North Region of Cameroon is a danger zone and for a Minister to take on a three day State visit to perouze the different Divisions of the Region, is an act worth commending and emulating.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji has also been in the North West Region precisely Njinikom, Santa, Mbengwi where the separatists’ fighters are in control. He was present, to take stock of damages meted on the public goods like the SDO’s office burned down.

Recently on February 28, 2019, Paul Atanga Nji was in Douala to evaluate the situation of Marche Congo that was ravaged by fire, leaving 162 traders temporarily unemployed. With a prompt reaction from the Head of State, MINAT boss distributed FCFA 32.5 million to the affected merchants. This is another incidence of Minister Paul Atanga Nji’s competency.

Nevertheless, some Cameroonians still consider Minister Paul Atanga Nji as too zealous and an intruder; present even out of his Ministerial duty confines.