Public and private partnerships to stimulate the country’s economy and improve on the doing business in Cameroon was the focus of discussion at the Unity Palace between GICAM and Elung Paul Che

It was six man high level delegation from the Cameroon employment union GICAM was led by the Union’s President Celestin Tamaba to the Unity Palace that came to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to the President of the Republic Paul Biya for his constant attention to the worries of the private sector and measures taken by the Cameroon Government to sanitise the business climate in Cameroon and improve of the public-private partnership initiative.

 “The delegation of GICAM came to meet the Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency to present doleance of the private sector as to first, foster much collaboration between the public and private sector”, member of the executive council of GICAM, Madam Rein Esopmanje.

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As Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered, the GICAM officials briefed the Minister Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic Elung Paul Che onn the plights of small and medium size enterprises in Cameroon and made some suggestions on how best to improve on the situation so as to attract foreign investors into the country and also protect local enterprises.

“To be more inclusive and also to integrate the private sector for subcontracting; also for all kinds of tenders that the Government is actually leading in Cameroon. To actually have a kind of love for the subcontracting so that the 30% that has been set aside to have Cameroonian Companies to be subcontractor of all the major project has to stated into a law that build and reinforce our capacity and we will have more of transfer of technology”, Madam Rein Esopmanje stated their wish.

While the visiting GICAM officials pledged to regularly keep the President of the Republic Paul Biya abrest of the economic situation of the country, they also announced the eminent inauguration of s development center for small and medium size enterprises for capacity building and monitoring of young business man and women in the country.

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