Cameroon’s National Communication Council has suspended a television channel in the Yaoundé, as well as a number of journalists who according to the regulatory body went against some set norms.

The decision to suspend the media practitioners was made public yesterday December 19, 2018 by the President of the council, Mr Peter Essoka.

The TV station suspended is Vision 4, a television station in Yaoundé and one of its journalists Nadine Patricia Mengue, prohibited from broadcasting for a period of one month.

The reason for the suspension is the fact that on October 20,2018 Nadine Patricia Mengue during the 8 pm newscast made an unfounded statement announcing the death of Gabonese president Ali Bongo Odimba.

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In another case, Ernest Obama of the same television station has been suspended for making inciting statements about tribal hatred and violence during the programme “Elite Club”.

On her part, Canal 2 journalist Maneh Mirielle Flore has been suspended for a period of six months for presenting without proof Pepouo Geoffrey, a bike repairer as a paedophile in the 8pm newscast of October 6, 2018.

Other journalists suspended by the NCC include Michael Dopass of Soleil FM, a radio station in Yaoundé, for making remarks accusing Cameroon footballer Samuel Eto’o of sowing disorder and promoting homosexuality in the national team.

Michael Dopass who is currently locked up at the Kondengui Central Prison has been suspended from exercising the journalistic profession for a period of two months.


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