Luc Magloire has called on the publisher of Anecdote to rectify and correct the claims by publishing the letter in a similar manner as the accusing article. This is in conformity with the Law.

Cameroon’s minister of trade has rubbished claims of a shady business especially in the importation of fish as held by Anecdote newspaper. In a letter to the publisher, Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Antanga denies any wrongdoing.

Anecdote published a story in its 915th edition claiming that the minister was involved in a big “mafia” in the importation of fish and other things. The paper also brandished a picture of the minister on its front page, he has pointed out.

The letter was written on April 12.

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But Minister Magloire argues in his letter that his ministry is not in charge of fishing, much less of animal rearing. As a result, it cannot issue any authorisation for any fish products or canned goods.He reiterates that there is a ministry for it.

He further reminds the publisher that Law no 2015/018 of 21 December 2015 gives enough liberty to every business personto operate as either a wholesaler or a retailer. This is also in relation to Law no 90/031 of August 1990, he adds.

He ends by urging the publisher to publish the correction letter in the same manner as the accusing article.

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