Stakeholders met in Yaounde on July 11, 2019, to discuss strategies geared at harmonizing activities in this domain vital to the economic development of Cameroon.

Government wants to improve on its partnership with Civil Society Organizations (CSO), involved in the sub sector of mining, industries and technological development. In other to attain this objective, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development (MINMIDT), Fru Jonathan, representing the Minister, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke, opened on Thursday in Yaounde, a one day workshop grouping recognized organizations operating in the sector.

Hands in glove

Apart from their difficulties and demands, their expertise, technical knowhow and projections have to be considered each time government plans policies affecting the sector.

“You have to understand that the Ministry of Mines is in charge of mines, industries and the technological development of our country. These sectors have various actors involved. We have the civil society, we have investors, we have international organizations, and we have the government. In other to harmonize their efforts to ensure the growth of our country, we decided to put in place this platform so that these actors can come together and be able to come up with a roadmap that can help us develop this sector which is at the center of the growth of our country;” the Secretary General said.

Stakeholders also made up of informal groups, clubs, foundations, associations, trade unions, and diverse organizations involved in the sector, are frequently on the field; thereby connected to the realities on the ground.

“The Ministry of Mines has put in place this platform with the civil society to be able to come together and reflect, put the ideas and all the actors that are in charge of our development together to ensure the growth of our country;” the Secretary General added. In other words, a public-private partnership is necessary to facilitate exchange of ideas and information with clearly identified actors, so as to design a series of policies which will help boost the development of the sector.