The Minister of Communication Rene Sadi yesterday March 22nd, 2019 granted a Press Conference to put some clarifications on Top Issues affecting the Country

He started by quoting that “The government calls on citizens to be patriotic and responsible for the good of the nation”

Concerning Maurice Kamto’s party MRC, Mincom Minister said, on 26 January 2019, protestors of MRC party staged protests in some towns in Cameroon and embassies abroad.

151 persons were arrested and sentenced in line with Cameroonian law.

The suspects arrested in Cameroon were judged at the Yaounde military court because its the only court competent to handle cases of insurrection against the nation or threatens national security

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To throw an eye on the ongoing Anglophone Crisis Rene Sadi emphasis that “French and English are Cameroon’s official languages of equal value. French and English speakers go about the business throughout the country very well.”

Also, sending a message to some international organisations and some European and North American countries, the Minister of Communication said “Cameroonian Problems should be resolved in Cameroon by Cameroonians”,

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