Visiting the neighbourhood on Monday March 26, 2019, the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Celestine Katcha Courtes disclosed plans to hasten the tarring of access roads in the Mimboman neighbourhood in Yaounde with the assistance of FEICOM.

The Mimboman neighbourhood will soon have a new face lift with the new road that will soon pass through the neighbourhood. With Housing and Urban Development Minister Celestine Katcha Courtes visiting the neighbourhood on Monday March 26, 2019, it was total reassurance for the population.

On a five kilometer road stretch from FEICOM Headoffice to carrefour Jean Bosco, but only houses on 200meters on the edge of the road will be affected, Cameroon News Today- CNT learned.

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According to Cameroon News Today- CNT findings, the road has not yet been materialised until this moment because of the Mimboman inhabitant’s resistance especially as some houses have to be demolished.

“The road has not yet done because of the population and I believe it is because they did not understand the importance of having this road. From the discussion, I have understood their preoccupation and we will take care of that but we need to finalise this road which is very important for the development of our city”, Minister Celestine Katcha Courtes explained.

In a working session with the population and local chiefs the Minister told them to consider the future more and not the present. According to the Minister only affected population with land titles will be compensated.

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