The Secretary General of Cameroon’s professional league, T.P Manguele, has signed a release in which she announces the suspension of Hioba Hioba Paul Alain.

Hioba Hioba has been acting as the president of the commission of the designation of referees of the professional football league in Cameroon.

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An excerpt of the communiqué reads “From the date of signature of the present release, following article 69 of the league’s statute’s, Mr Hioba Hioba Paul Alain, has been suspended from functioning as the president of the commission for the designation of referees of the league, till the holding of the next administrative council meeting of the league”.

This comes after his appointment was announced following a communiqué signed and released by General Pierre Semengue on 30 January 2018.

The commission which he had to lead comprised of himself as the president, Noah Euloge the vice, Amenda Elarion Benjamin and members; Abdoulaye Ngambo, Jani Benedict, with Nyam Bertrand.

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