With just two days to the end of the 2017 National League One Championship season in Cameroon, the best goal getters are busy find tunning strategies with aim to beat each other in the race for the golden boot award.

The golden boot is awarded to the player with most goals at the end of the season. As of now, the veteran Niger attacker of Cotonsport of Garoua, Daouda Kamilou tops the list of goal scorers with just two playing days left; he is followed by Francis Elimbi of Aigle of the Menoua.

List of goal scorers

1-Daouda Kamilou 19 goals (CotonSport of Garoua)

2- Francis Elimbi 17 goals (Aigle of the Menoua)

3- Nguea Tchebemou 13 goals (Feutcheu FC of Djiko Bandjoun)

4- Ronald Ngah 11 goals (CotonSport of Garoua)

5- Kouoh Ball 11 goals (New Stars of Douala)

6- Raymond Fosso 09 goals (Eding Sport of the Lekie)

7- Constant Tchouaké 09 goals (Unisport of Haut Nkam)

8- Tamo Tinwo 08 goals (Yong Sport of Bamenda)

9- René Ndi 08 goals (Bamboutos of Mbouda)

10- Eric Pafong 07 goals (Racing of Bafoussam)