As workers celebrate Labour Day 2019 on 1st May, Trade Unions will seize the opportunity to canvass for better working conditions.

The Labour Day  will also inspire the creation of new Trade Unions which will join the twelve workers trade Unions and eight Employers Trade Unions.

Aspirants will have to comply  with provisions outlined in the Labour code.

Setting Up  a Trade Union: The Required Documents

The process of setting up a Trade Union in Cameroon takes place at the Trade Union Registry at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Workers Trade Unions are required to be a total of twenty while Employers Trade Unions should be five in number.

Persons who plan to create a Workers or Employers Trade Union are required to present the following documents;

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# An application for Registration

# Minutes of the last General Assembly

# Two copies of the Union’s Constitution

# Twenty copies of Non-conviction for all members

# List of Founders

# List of all members of the Union

# National Membership

# Documents justifying profession

In addition to the above documents, Employers Trade Unions are required to present;

# At least five Registration certificates at the National Insurance Fund, CNPS

# A minimum of five employers attestations at the National Insurance Fund , CNPS

In case of disregard for registration procedures, the Labour Code states in Section 6 , article 2 that ,  ” Any person forming a Workers Union or Employers’ Association and who acts as if the said Union or association has been registered shall be liable to prosecution”

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