From Cameroon News Today- CNT research, Mbom Sixtus journalist for the State run newspaper Cameroun Tribune has been robbed off his valuable properties upon his arrival at the Nsimalen airport in the morning of the 19th of August 2018.

The said journalist was on a training in Nairobi-Kenya in a bid to acquire more professional skills in his field. Unfortunately, he was denied of his physical belongings upon his arrival at the Nsimalen airport Yaoundé, an act which has been alleged as “airport hired theft”.

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This act is so devastating such that MbomSixtus with a dejected mind set posted on his Facebook page in his words” I was robbed upon my arrival at the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport, many other passengers too, I guess. But the knowledge and new journalistic skills acquired during my stay in Nairobi can not be stolen”.

In a similar vein, another journalist, Ngah Kristain of the daily tabloid The Guardian Post reported of his ‘missing’ bags in between United Arab Emirates and Yaoundé Airport last week, where he was returning from holidays.

The question now is ‘ what is happening in our airports’? CNT will subsequently bring up more information per this story as it unfolds.

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