Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo has snobbed separatists authority of ghost town day today Monday March 18, 2019 in Buea , to hold security assessment meeting.

Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo’s visit to Buea this Monday, a day separatists fighters consider ghost town stamps the authority of the State and to commission officials appointed recently by various presidential decrees.

As Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered, Joseph Beti Assomo comes to Buea to assure the local population of the determination of the Government to protect them . Also, he is in Buea to assure defence forces of President Paul Biya’s constant support as Commander in Chief. In another dimension, it is  murmured that the Minister will also use the platform to remind separatist fighters to heed to the Head of State’s call to drop their weapons and also assure them that they will not be prosecuted if they do so.

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The commissioning of officials appointed recently by various presidential decrees is the main reason for which Minister Joseph Beti Assomo is in Buea. Considering the heat in Buea with the activitiws of the separatist fighters, it is a challenge for Colonel Ayinga Severain to be installed as Commander of 21st Military Brigade, Major Esingi Amogo Alain Wilfred as Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantory Batallion and Colonel Joseph Ateba Jose as Regional Dlegate in Charge of Ex-service men and war victims for the South West.

Cameroon News Today- CNT learned that a security evaluation meeting will follow the installation ceremony. The security meeting is expected to provide the Minister with assurances that the population is free from danger.

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