The implementation of the beer price increase by FCFA 50 as from March 1, 2018, has met dissatisfactory remarks from beer consumers.

Beer consumers have been ranting since March 1, 2018, that the FCFA 50 increase in the price of beer went operational. Many hold that the increase came without due notification of consumers and it is creating discomfort to the corporation of retailers.

Reacting to the increase, the public company of the Breweries of Cameroon (SABC), in a communiqué carrying a supporting table, explained to consumers that  the tariff change takes into account the provisions of the Act of finance 2019, which in effect provides for a reduction of 20 to 10% in the excise duty allowance for beers measuring a level of alcohol less than or equal to 5.5%. As Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered, due to the absence of official communication from the government, retailers and consumers have indulged in endless disputes when settling the invoice.

Valéry Ntendie, the National Coordinator of the trade union of beverage operators in Cameroon, has no hard words against the government, believing that not only all the actors in the chain have not been associated, but also adds that the increase has no justification.

“Six years ago, the government justified this price increase by the cost of raw materials and today it is a history of excise duty.” Valéry Ntendie stated. Going by the National Coordinator, everything happens as if there was a fight where the State fights against itself: From every indication, there is an air of discontent.

After having twice postponed the impact of the measure at the consumer level and in order to clear the air, the Ministry of Commerce on Friday  March 1, 2018 published a press release inviting the actors of the sector to a concertation on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 following the recent increase in the prices of malting products.