Equatorial Guinea has decided to block the border it shares with Cameroon at Kyé-Ossi, located in the south region of Cameroon since last week.

Cameroon News Today-CNT- For about a week now, Equatorial Guinea has decided to close its borders with Cameroon at Kyé-Ossi, a city located in the South region of Cameroon. 

According to le Jour newspaper the government of equatorial has not given any official statement explaining the action judged by locals as unfortunate.

As agreed during the recent Cemac ordinary gathering in Chad, members state of the sub region had decided to open up their borders in a bid to ease free movement of goods and persons.

By so doing Equatorial Guinea thereby spray doubts on the reciprocal nature of the agreement already implemented by the Government of Cameroon.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered that Economic operators who are the most affected by the decision have judged the action undertaken by Equatorial Guinea as immature and a threat to thier business deals.  “This is an economic blockage with annoying consequences” said a trader when interviewed by Le Jour.