Coton Sport of Garoua have recorded the biggest winning margin since the beginning of the 2018 season of the Elite 1 championship. They beat Feutcheu 4-0.

The results of the match which took place on Sunday 15 April 2018, did not have the outcome that many had predicted. Some suggested the encounter would end 1-1, 2-2 etc, as Cameroon News Today-CNT sought to know.

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The last time they scored 4 goals was against APEJES during the 3rd playing day of the current season, but the encounter finished 4-4.

Another match of day 14, YAFOOT-Dragon almost ended in the same way, but YAFOOT struggled and netted one goal, thus it ended 1-4.

On the classification table, Coton is leading with 27 points, Feutcheu is 5th with 23 points, Dragon 13th with 15 points and YAFOOT 17TH with 14 points.


Bamboutos FC 1-2 UMS de Loum

Yaounde FC 1-4 Dragon de Yaounde

APEJES Academy 2-1 Eding Sport

Bafang 0-1 Fovu Baham

Feutcheu 0-4 Cotonsport

Stade Renard 0-0 Fortuna Yaounde

Young Sports 1-0 New Star

Union Douala 2-1 Colombe Lobo

Les Astres 3-2 Aigle Royal



  1. Cotonsport 27pts
  2. UMS de Loum 27pts
  3. Fovu Baham 27pts
  4. Young Sports 24pts
  5. Feutcheu 23pts
  6. Union Douala 22pts
  7. Bafang 18pts
  8. Bamboutos FC 17pts
  9. Les Astres 17pts
  10. APEJES Academy 17pts
  11. Fortuna Yaounde 17pts
  12. Eding Sport 15pts
  13. Dragon de Yaounde 15pts
  14. New Star 15pts
  15. Stade Renard 14pts
  16. Colombe Lobo 14pts
  17. Yaounde FC 14pts
  18. Aigle Royal 10pts

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