President Paul Biya’s appointment of 30 Senators has crowned ELECAM’s task of a successfully organisation of the Senatorial elections and it is indicative that the Presidential will be no different.

The Presidential decree of Thursday April 12, 2018 appointing 30% of Senators has come to crown ELECAM’s fine efforts in the successful organisation of the 2018 Senatorial elections which many pundits and critics thought would be impossible.

On Sunday March 25, 2018 Elections Cameroon organised Senatorial elections in all ten Regions of Cameroon. From reports gathered at the end of the elections, the Government of Cameroon through Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation and Minister of Communication were satisfied with efforts put in by ELECAM and overall success of voting by Municipal Councillors.

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Less than two weeks after voting, precisely April 5, 2018 the Constitutional Council proclaimed the results of the Senatorial elections after a cross-examination of petitions put forth by some political parties like the SDF and CDU political parties, calling for the cancellation of the elections in some Regions of the country. The final proclamation of elections result by the Constitution Council is a plus to ELECAM.

On Thursday April 12, 2018 ELECAM’s chore was capped. The President appointed 30 Senators, to add to the 70 elected.

Cameroon News Today- CNT thinks that the President of the Republic Appointment of 30 senators to add to the 70 elected has put the finishing touch to ELECAM’s mission of organising the 2018 Senatorial elections.

Again, Cameroon News Today- CNT rates ELECAM’s effort on the Senatorial elections as satisfactory, as sit braved the odds to organise it successfully considering the present political unrest in the two English speaking Regions of the country, that is affecting every nook and cranny of Cameroon.

In all, as ELECAM leaves this stage and prepares for more challenging one- Presidential Election, it is hoped that its mission is a success as Senatorial is.

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