Governance in Cameroon is so approximate that God has to act fast in other to save the situation for Cameroonians are dying.

Good governance is one of the pillars of democracy because it guarantees the interest and well- being of all those who live within a particular society.

The hardship being experienced by a majority of Cameroonians today is as a result of poor management from the few who have been called to serve the majority.

A good number of our public administrators fail to anticipate that is why in so many cases, they are taken by surprise when problems arise. Good governance entails that there should be continuous findings, implementation and evaluation. This can only be possible if anticipation is put at the forefront of government functioning. Public administrators thus have to adopt bottom to top system of management as their modus operandi because it is only through a system like this, that they will be able, to respond to the exact needs of the people under their command.

It is then very obvious that in the absence of good governance, the demerits of an irrational system of administration will be the order of the day. An administrative system that does not ensure equitable distribution of resources or better still, an administrative   system that does not ensure that its citizens can at least have the means to meet up with the basic necessities of life, will expose them to all sorts of inappropriate practices just to survive.

Pedophilia is fast becoming a social hazard in Cameroon. This phenomenon is mostly linked with people who are desperate. As a result of this, they want to make it in life by all cost but while they commit these acts, the innocent people in the society suffer the more. Imagine the pain their victims are subjected to. Imagine the pain parents of these children have to contain with as a result of losing their offerings in such a barbaric manner. This phenomenon is at its peak during election periods especially with people who know they are not popular in their constituencies.

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Arm rubbery is on a steady rise because young people fail to find jobs when they leave school. Scamming is also acting today as an alternative for our young boys and girls but this practice is taking some them their lives especially those who come in contact with evil people over the internet. On the other hand, prostitution which is exposing our young girls to all forms of danger is experiencing a geographical progression in Cameroon as the years go by.

The sales of human parts to obtain magical powers are also a major factor responsible for the disappearance of our children on a daily basis. Some families cannot boost of a single child who went through high school talk less of a good job because of the lack of means which is sometimes linked to bad governance. Children from such families constitute the highest deviance we have in our society.

Governance must be unilateral or horizontal so everybody in a given society can at least have the opportunity to live if not a good life but at least an average one that is the means to afford the basic needs of life. It is thus very imperative that every administrative unit or government should be rational in the execution of its policies, so as to advert the negative consequences that are linked to irrationality. A good government system must provide equal opportunities to all its citizens and not to a few.

Ekema Emmanuel Likine is the political Editor of

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