High level insecurity fueled by October 7 uncertainty in Buea, the purported headquarter of the “Ambazonia” Republic has triggered a mass exodus in the town of Buea.

What Cameroonians usually hear, watch and read is gradually becoming a reality in their Fatherland. Exodus Events in States of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, etc due to internal unrest, which are now painful historic reviews is presently being observed in Cameroon.

Cameroon, a country which has for decades won international admiration for its peaceful coexistence is at the verge of loosing that high level repute.

The town of Buea in the days ahead might not be subject to usual ghost towns because the town itself will be void of inhabitants who have to respect the ghost towns. Buea, one of the Anglophone towns worse hit by the present socio-political crisis in Cameroon has recently witnessed an unprecedented and indescribable exodus.

The trend is topical on focus groups on social media with a lot of caricaturing, counter and uncounter attacks.

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Cameroon News Today- CNT interrogates on why are people running away from Buea? Before delving into the above, Cameroon News Today- CNT establishes that this exodus is one of its kind since the crisis escalated in 2016.

It is undoubtedly and undisputedly factual that the fear of the unknown in Buea as October 7 approaches is the main reason why Cameroonians in this town are leaving. October 7 is the day Cameroonians nationwide will be going to the polls to vote a President who will lead the country in the next seven years. Another question worth posing at this juncture is: what makes Buea so pivotal?

Cameroon News Today- CNT notes that the town of Buea is the historic headquarter of the then West Cameroon and with coming up of the Anglophone crisis, there have been calculated attempts by the socio-called terrorists to recapture the town of Buea; and it’s regaining will be immediately followed by a declaration of independence of the alleged “Ambazonia Republic”.

Cognizance of this importance Buea carries and just with a forecast of what the town will look like in October 7, some Buea inhabitants fear for their lives and they are taking to their heels.

The situation is pitiful. Many are fleeing in discomfort and are going to face more discomfort but many have said their security is paramount. This is where the nation Cameroon is at the moment.

But what is even the genesis of this kwakmaya? Cameroon News Today- CNT recalls that it was on November 16, 2016 that Cameroon’s Common Law Lawyers took to the street expressing their disgruntlement and dissatisfaction in the manner the common law system is being suppressed. Teachers later took the opportunity to say no to marginalization and calculated attempts to blur the anglosaxon culture of education. Minor the revandications appeared in the eyes of many but today, two years already, no one can suggest a palpable solution to then down-looked national worry.

Cameroonians are in deep grief because of the great human and material losses recorded so far. Cameroon News Today- CNT cannot boast of suggesting a savior-like solution to the crisis other than the singsong inclusive dialogue; but refers the Cameroonian public to Jeremiah 33:3- “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (PRAYER).

One thing is sure, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Cameroon will again be Cameroon some day.

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