The deputy national secretary of “Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroon” has resigned.

Franck Hubert Ateba announced his resignation in a press release.

In the one-page communique, the outgoing deputy national secretary tables 10 reasons to back his decision.

A founding member of MRC, Mr Ateba accuses the party of mismanagement, lack of focus and the absence of concrete leadership.

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He also believes that the chairman has not opened up enough to his comrades. Maurice Kamto’s personal trouble resulting from his former collaboration with the Biya regime has also influenced the resignation.

Here is a translation of some of  the points raised by Mr Ateba:

  1. Managerial insufficiency;
  2. Shady management;
  3. No visionary strategy;
  4. Lack of a clear ideological pathway;
  5. Lack of comprehensive strategy to grab power;
  6. Lack of a constitutive document for the internal organisation [of the party];
  7. Lack of a functional and operational organigram;
  8. No piloting tools;
  9. No concrete leadership;
  10. Etc,

Franck Hubert says the list is long. The party is yet to react.

Created in 2012, MRC is set take part in the upcoming presidential election in the country.

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