Ronnel Valerie a young talented musician from the North West region is celebrating this June 15 his birthday

Ronnel Valerie a young talented musician from the North West region is celebrating this June 15 his birthday.

On this occasion CNT (Cameroon News Today) dives into the world of the artist in a bit to understand what motivates him and what his plans are for the future.


  1. CNT Journalist: Was singing a passion since childhood?


Ronnel Valerie: Yes it was. Singing was part of me since childhood. I grew up singing. My mom and dad sing. It was a passion when I was really very little.


  1. CNT Journalist: When did u start singing as a profession?


Ronnel Valerie: I became so aware of the music in 2005 when I wrote my first song in form 3. But before that I was part of several music teams and groups in church and around neighborhood but I wrote my first song when I was in form 3. This made me very aware of the fact that I could write songs and sing them. From that moment I became very conscious and I started to dream big and wanted to do big things that were more than just singing for me.


  1. CNT Journalist: What or who inspired you to sing and still inspires you?


Ronnel Valerie: Music is contagious you can easily adapt to it and get to without knowing. You can even get it from your mom in the womb that’s how deep music is. I grew up in a singing environment considering that my parents both sing and practically grew up in Richard’s King home. His mom equally sings. This unconsciously led to my passion for singing. God fuels my passion for singing. Nature equally inspires me. I don’t really keep to idols. There are eventually people I looked up to like India Harry; Nosa, Marley music. Don’t have an idol because I want to be unique; have a style of mine that doesn’t look like another’s. I want to keep my own identity as Ronnel Valerie.  I don’t actually have an idol. I try to listen to those things people don’t and learn from that. This creates difference.


  1. CNT Journalist: What do u want to transmit to people through your songs?


Ronnel Valerie: I want people to enjoy, love, cry, and dance to my music. If you look to it crying, laughing and dancing are expression of emotions.  I want my music to cut through their flesh and heart and make them sing, dance or laugh. I Want to project hope, give people a reason to live, a reason to keep working hard, to show positivity and get rid of negatives things from their heart and mind. Help people make decision. I don’t just want to suit listeners but equally push other singers to work hard and encourage the young ones who want to enter into the music industry.

You can Listen his sounds on MTNzik
You can Listen his sounds on MTNzik


  1. CNT Journalist: Do you have an upcoming album?


Ronnel Valerie: Yes I do. I want to send it out as my ‘’debut’’. I actually haven’t sent out an album just send out a couple of singles on sound cloud, YouTube. I’m going to release an album soon. Some of the singles I send out are part of the album. The date for the release hasn’t be fixed yet because the project was slowed down but it’s for soon.


  1. CNT Journalist: Apart from singing what else do you like doing?


Ronnel Valerie: Almost everything I do is linked to singing. I’m part of the network of Jeunesses Musicales International based in Belgium and run the Cameroon chapter. So I’m the vice president of Cameroon and we encourage music education in school. Music has made me perceive the world as a platform to be creative and innovative.


  1. CNT Journalist: So what’s your genre of music?


Ronnel Valerie: I’m a Christian so I do gospel music. My infused style is called Afro Gospel Jazz. This is because Afro just leads me to be ethnic and feel my roots and where I come from.  Jazz is what I’ve come to be as a musician.