An educationist, abducted in Belo by secessionists, says after his release that, he had to cooperate with the kidnappers no matter the conditions in order to have his freedom.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered an excerpt of his story as he spoke to the BBC.

“Monday afternoon after coming back from work, I was sitting outside and trying to browse Facebook. Some unknown people whom I don’t know came in their numbers, took me on a motorbike and went with me to an unknown location.

They were armed with guns and knives. They told me I have betrayed them, that I’m forcing teachers to go school and calling on parents to send their kids to school. When they took me to the unknown destination, they asked me to sign an engagement that I will not force teachers to go school again, that I will not organise anything to with teachers, so I had to do what they asked.

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They kept me for one day. They did not torture me. They said if I cooperate with them, I could go back alive and that if I don’t cooperate, I may go back as a corpse.

At the time they took me away, I saw death, and uncertainty. I was ready for anything, I was ready to go.

My job is to ensure that education goes on. But in a situation of insecurity, I don’t think I can cooperate. What will it profit me if I lose my life because I’m doing the job! I do the job because I want to take care of my family and myself. If I have to do the job and lose my life, I don’t think I will do it.

When I was taken, I thought about my family, my kids and how they missed me. We are a family of five.”

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