A book titled “Anglophone Lawyers and Teachers strikes in Cameroon (2016-2017), a multidimensional perspective” has been launched in Yaounde, Centre region of Cameroon.

Close to 100 people gathered at the Hervé Bourges Hall of the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC) on Wednesday August 28, 2019, to witness the launch of a book which gives detailed facts about the Anglophone crisis from its origin till date.

The 310 page book made of seven chapters published in August 2019, by Les Presse Universitaires de Yaoundé is edited by Dr Kingsley Ngange, Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea and Professor emeritus Kashim Ibrahim Tala, Dean of Oral Literature Studies at the same university.

Some of the nine other contributors include; seasoned journalist Franklin Sone Bayen, Professor Ernest Molua, Instructor Stephen Ndode, Professor Fonkeng Epah George and Sophie Ekume Etomes among others.

“We are quite aware that if such a book is not made available, people will surely distort facts when teaching or discussing the Anglophone crisis in a few years to come. In this book, we are calling on both parties in the conflict to be consensual. We advocate for peace and dialogue as solution to the Anglophone crisis,” disclosed Dr Ngange, initiator of the project.

Speaking at the ceremony, the chairperson of the launch, Professor Paul Nkad Mbangwana, lecturer at the University of Buea, praised the initiative saying it is a contribution to nation building as authors propose solutions to halt the crisis ongoing in the English speaking regions since October 2016.

“This book is a policy document. It shows the important role historians play in the development of a country. I should mention that it is strictly an academic exercise, it’s not at all political. Authors cited reliable sources and gave a clear account of the crisis as it happened,” Mbangwana added.

For Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle, Ex-President of Cameroon Bar General Assembly, the book is a momentous initiative which does not set out to praise one party to the conflict and blame the other.

“While people are shying away from the challenge of documenting what happened in 2016-2017… they took the challenge. When they contacted me to do the forward, I said I will not rush into accepting, until I would have read the book. When I read the book, I discovered that the book preaches peace, it talks about the way forward,” the Barrister added.

The book which will soon be translated in the French language is available in all major bookshops all over the country and cost FCFA 15, 000.