Physical counting exercise of public officials in order to ascertain the exact and actual civil servants in Cameroon is set to begin at the end of the month of April 2018.

As part of the rationalization of the wage expenditure of the State of Cameroon, the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, has announced that the government has launched, from the pay period of the current month of April, a physical counting operation of public officials.

“This enumeration, which is intended to identify and expunge from the State’s balance sheet all public officials irregularly emigrating there, because of an unjustified absence, a resignation or an undeclared death, will extend over the period from April to June 2018 for data collection”, Minister Louis Paul Motaze said.

Finance boss also added that this collection of data will be done throughout the national territory by specially deployed teams for this purpose, from banks, microfinance institutions and assigning accounting positions. Louis Paul Motaze has noted that this physical counting is mandatory and that this operation is binding on any public official under penalty of outright suspension of the balance.

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Cameroon News Today- CNT learned that this census of civil servants is a prescription by the Head of State, Paul Biya. In his circular of June 20, 2017, he had instructed a count of public officials during the year 2018, because the payroll is currently around 1000 billion FCFA. But no one can say exactly the number of officials in Cameroon.

Going by an administrative investigation conducted on 14,134 who were supposedly fictitious officials, the Public Service published in 2017, a list of 2,817 state employees, suspended from pay since January 2016.

 Cameroon News Today- CNT thinks more state employees’ salaries will be suspended after this Government’s move.

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