Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) announces the opening of Camtel branches in cities of Nigeria, Brazil and South Africa.

After work completion of laying submarine fiber optic cable between Cameroon and Brazil, Camtel is now sure of setting up a subsidiary in these countries.

David Nkoto in an interview on national television discloses that” we are reviewing the status, organization chart and rules of Camtel”. This explains the upcoming setup of Camtel branches in Fortaleza,Brazil, Lagos-Nigeria and Durban-South Africa.

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David Nkoto also recalss that, there is need to make communications fluent and enjoyable and this necessitates the presence of a purely Cameroonian technological infrastructure.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathers that, this project has not been an easy task especially the financing of the project. Thus, the first challenge” was to make our government admit it was possible partnering with Huawei Technologies and China for the realization of the project. This is resolved as the EximBank China has agreed to find this project.

Still according to David Nkoto, another challenge rose from the setup of the underwater cable which has been overcomed through seabed and weather studies leading to the lay down of a fiber cable of over 6,000km distance.

The announcement is therefore considered as a breakthrough by some analysts still concerned by the way through which the national company will be operating concretely in the said countries.

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