The petition filed by the candidate for the social democratic front party Joshua Osih calling for a total cancelation of the 2018 presidential elections in the country has been rejected by the Constitutional Council.

This sums up to a total number of 18 rejected petitions all calling for the reorganization of the presidential elections in the country.

One of the reasons advanced by the SDF candidate was the fact that voting did not effectively take place in the two English speaking regions of the country due to the ongoing crisis plaguing the towns.

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Rendering its verdict in the early hours of Friday October 19, 2018, the Constitutional Council rejected the SDF petition after judgment on the basis of no sufficient proof.

The rejection comes after the petition filed by the CRM candidate professor Maurice Kamto, calling for a partial cancellation of the election in seven out of Cameroon’s ten regions was rejected by the same constitutional council for the same motive.

The decision of the constitutional council was received with much disappointment by the party’s representatives.

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