An electronic digital card to ensure security and accountability of business transactions will in a month’s time be introduced in the Cameroonian economy.

In a ceremony chaired by Minister of Post and Telecommunications Minette Libong Likeng on September 17, a convention was sealed between Cameroon Postal Services and the ZNJ’s Smart Card Factory.

The initiator of the ZNJ smart card factory Zang Arthur explains the reason for such an initiative which is aimed towards solving the problems of cash between traders and customers.

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He furthers elaborates on the function as of this electronic digital card “the card is very affordable its about 2500 FCFA for a year and 5000 FCFA for two years and payment terminal will be provided to traders, taxi drivers, shop keepers, who will receive payment from their clients without using physical cash”

The enterprise ZNJ will produce these digital cards while Cameroon postal services will engage in its sale.

Cam-post service head in charge of finance says “ZNJ smart card factory will open electronic accounts for those who will posse this card and their transactions will be secured in our data centre”.

Cameroon News Today-CNT outlines the applaud from the minister of post and telecommunications Minette Libong Likeng who says this initiative from Zang falls in line with the Head of State Paul Biya’s objective of making Cameroon a highly technological country in the nearest future.

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