The Telecommunications Regulatory Board (ART) has announced that mobile network operators; MTN, Orange and Nexttel alongside the public operator Camtel are still delivering low quality services to Cameroonians.

The statement was made on October 3, 2018 by the Director General of ART, Philemon Zoo Zame in context of Agency’s mission to monitor the market as well as the functioning of telecommunications networks in the country.

The evaluation focused on the quality of service, operator’s specification following the signing of concession agreements byMTN and Orange Cameroon with as regards the situation of the fiber optic transmission network.

With regard to the quality of service, Mr. Zoo Zame, the audit report commissioned by the minister of post and telecommunications and carried out by Cybercom was examined.

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The 733 recommendations resulting from this report were classified into five main groups including the Core network, the IP network, the access network, the radio network and the security of the information system.

“The recent evaluation of these recommendationsrevealed the following levels of implementation: 98% for MTN Cameroon, 89% for orange Cameroon, 60% for Nexttel and 54% for Camtel” the Director said.

However, despite the appreciable levels, the quality of service remains unsatisfactory, he added attributing the dissatisfaction to the fact that most of the recommendations do not have a direct impact on improving quality service and the service of experience.

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He also noted that some recommendations required the reorganization of frequency band but the instability of electricity supply and multiple disruptions of the optic fiber due to road works have had an impact on network availability.

As for monitoring the operator’s specifications, the signing of amendments to MTN and Orange Cameroon as well as concession agreements clarified the obligations of coverage, service quality and the quality of experience for the establishment of networks and provision of 4G services.

To this effect, frequency channels in 700 and 800 MHZ have been allocated to these operators,

Director Zoo Zame hopes that although difficulties remain, the assigned frequencies will allow a short term the provision of good quality 4G services.

He concluded by saying “Given the importance of the optical fiber transmission network, ART has asked Camtel to ensure a better coverage by taking into account redundancy needs to guarantee the necessary quality of service.

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