Bishops in Cameroon have proposed tolerance, solidarity and inclusive dialogue to Cameroonians across the social strata during the end of the 43rd plenary session of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon in Yaoundé.

Bishops in Cameroon have urged Cameroonians to live by the virtues of tolerance, solidarity and unity. It was a seven day efforts put by Bishops of Cameroon in the 43rd plenary session in discussing issues affecting the Catholic Church and the country. Among the issues was a call for peace.

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“There is an emergency for peace in our country. We have invited all to do what is possible to find a way of peace. We have also decided to organise the novenas for peace around the National territory on the 20th of May. We have concluded on organise charity to support those suffering as a result of the crisis”, Bishop of Yaounde Mgr Jean Mbarga explained.

For peace to return in the country, the Bishops are unanimous that dialogue remains a gateway to bringing a lastly solution to the socio-political situation in the North West and South West Regions.

“The Bishops are calling that human lives should be considered since life is sacred and that is why we have been calling for an inclusive dialogue and what measures to be put in place in order for the problem to be resolved. We all want peace but we now that there can be no peace without reconciliation”, Rev. Michael Bipih auxiliary Bishop of the Bamenda.

Cameroon News Today- CNT gathered that the Bishops used the occasion to announce the eminent holding of the World Youth Day in Garoua this July, an event which is in prelude to the Synod of Young People which will take place in Rome this October.

It is worth recalling that this has been the stand of Cameroonian Bishops since the crisis started but Cameroon News Today- CNT ponders if the continuous call of the Bishops for an inclusive dialogue in all their meetings will actually bring the tangible peace that all Cameroonians are panting to experience.

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