Justice Ayah Paul Abine, leader of the opposition Popular Action Party, a retired Advocate General at the Supreme Court of Cameroon, has announced his resignation from politics in Cameroon.

Battered and tortured; one of the political figures whom the repercussion of Anglophone crisis greatly touched,  Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Popular Action Party. At 68, he resigns from politics to get a cold head.

One-time Member of Parliament for Akwaya under the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, took to his social media account to announce that due to the current political leadership and violent repression, which to him are “inconsistent” with his conscience. He is forced to step down as a national leader and political candidate of the PAP party, Cameroon News Today- CNT learned.

“I, Ayah Paul Abine, wish to inform the national and international communities that political leadership and virtually even just ordinary active political participation in Cameroon today, under the prevailing circumstances of the wanton, ruthless and systematic destruction of human lives and property, not any less the lawless repression of civic and human rights, are inconsistent with my conscience.”, Justice Ayah Paul Abine stated.

He went on: “As the result, I have stepped down from the position of the National President of the Popular Action Party – PAP – with effect from this day, Monday, the 4th day of March 2019, at noon local time.”

Also, Cameroon News Today gathered that the Legal mind’s resignation is “in compassion and solidarity with the killed, the wounded, the suffering/starving, and those languishing in detention under appalling conditions” due to the social instability in Cameroon.

Cameroon News Today- CNT recalls that on January 21, 2017, the Magistrate was arrested at his residence in Yaoundé concerning the Anglophone Crisis and has on several occasions narrated instances of threats on his life.