Also condemned by Edith Kah Walla of the CPP (Cameroon People’s Party).

The vast majority of politicians condemn the acts of violence recorded in recent days in The the North-West and South-West regions. After the fire in a Bamenda school, a homemade bomb exploded in the northwestern capital, wounding three policemen.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered from authorities, these are “acts of terrorism” perpetrated by the separatists. While opinions differ on the solutions to be given to this new development of what the media have called an anglophone crisis, political leaders on all sides agree on condemning violence. They reacted in the newspaper spoken of 8 pm of the national post of the CRTV, edition of  yesterday 25 September 2017.

Joshua Osih, vice-president of the SDF (Social Democratic Front), has unreservedly condemned all forms of violence, regardless of the area. Also condemned by Edith Kah Walla of the CPP (Cameroon People’s Party). “You can not terrorize the people whose rights you claim to defend, to force them to join your cause,” said the former SDF activist.

Silent since his release following a decision by the President of the Republic, the retired magistrate, Paul Ayah Abine, also president of the People’s Action Party (PAP), came out of his reserve. “We can not build anything in violence,” he said, calling the extremists calm. These three leaders nevertheless believe that a national dialogue is needed to break the deadlock.

Also condemned by former prime minister Peter Mafany Musonge. But the president of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (CNPBM), believes that the government has already begun to bring solutions to the claims of Cameroonians in English-speaking areas. It therefore invites them to be patient  in the implementation of the said measures