According to Cameroon News Today- CNT findings, seven South West Chiefs have been murdered in seven months.

Yes it is incontestable that many lives have been lost since the anglophone crisis started close to two years back, but the worrisome death of seven Chiefs just within seven months is questionable.

Chief Dr. Esoh Itoh Stephen Ofonda, Chief William Njie Mbanda, Chief Njang Boniface, Chief Fornefeh Njugoh John, Chief Forsahgong Tozoa Columbus, Chief Johannes Ebabe Njonge and Regent Chief Agbor William, are all South West Chiefs who have so far lost their lives.

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The circumstances in which these chiefs died are eyebrow raising. This pushes Cameroon News Today- CNT to ponder on the question: who is behind the murder of South West Chiefs and for what reasons?

Using the most recent death, which is that of Chief Esoh Itoh of Ndian Division, a trace or a tentative response could be given to the above preoccupation.

On a Sabbath, Sunday August 12, 2018, at the Baptist church in Ekondo-Titi, eye witnesses and media accounts say unidentified gunmen broke into the Church amidst ecumenical service, seized the Chief, shot him and took to their heels. The word to be used here is assassination but the question still stands: who is behind this and why?.

Cameroon News Today- CNT recalls that Chief Esoh Itoh has been Ekondo-Titu’s Paramount Chief for over a decade and had been Managing Director of the CDC Pamol Plantation in Ndian. Could he must have stepped on the toes of an/some individual/individuals who is/are now fighting back? Or how prominent is Chief Esoh Itoh in the anglophone crisis that could make him a point of target to the separatists? Many of such questions keep surfacing but the bitter truth is that a live has been lost.

The scenarios surrounding the death of the other Chiefs are not different from that of Chief Esoh Itoh.

Cameroon News Today- CNT hereby proposes to the powers that be that special defensive and security mechanisms be put in place to assure the security of South West traditional leaders because the above statistics show that they are a target group in the present sociopolitical crisis.

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