The issue was discussed recently during the second parliamentary session which opened at the Ngoa Ekelle glass house. Parliamentarians have to handle a preoccupying issue, “rising prostitution”.

How many people run away from the two English speaking regions of the country since the crisis erupted three years ago? No one can give an exact figure to account for this. This issue is one which has to be handled by the government. Some newspapers are bringing this in the limelight with headlines such as “Prostitutes of the Crisis” in the case of Mutations.

In their investigative report, they paint a reality of the difficulties faced by these young girls selling their body so as to survive.

That’s why government has to act, and fast. In response to this, the Minister of Territorial administration paid a visit to the North West and South West regions with some humanitarian aid. This effort was captured by the Quotidien newspaper which highlighted that “close to 104 families have benefitted from the aid”. They simply made echo of the information originally disclosed by Minister Paul Atanga Nji as he addressed media men in Buea.

It should be noted that the minister was accompanied by International Partners such as the United Nations. They also discussed strategies geared at properly distributing the aid as prescribed by the prime ministerial decision signed last November 21, 2018,

Following all these, some members of parliament will engage on laying out some propositions geared at resolving the issue. This too was highlighted in an edition of Cameroon Tribune.