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After 7 days you receive, according to your choice on your orange money or bank account, a transfer/check up to 400% of your initial registration deposit.
We present as a guarantee of payment an acknowledgment of debt worth promissory note which will be sent to your e-mail box and will be used in front of the courts and police stations in case of dispute to seize our bank accounts quickly.
We have fast trading techniques to multiply your money safely with global trading of estate, stocks, bonds, commercial paper, patents and cryptocurrencies.
➡ minimum registration:
25,000 FCFA
➡ guaranteed minimum gain after 7 days 100,000 FCFA
NB : the guaranteed gain after 7 days is equal to four times the amount invested during registration.
For example, if you register for 500,000 FCFA, you receive after 7 days 2,000,000 FCFA
√ send your orange money number or an attestation of bank domiciliation by email to:
By calling & Whatsapp at (+237) 699,589,206
For each subscription you receive in cash as a gift a 32 inches hi sense screen and a premium of trust of the same value as your registration.
For example, if you register for 500,000 FCFA you will receive after 7 days 2,000,000 FCFA in your bank account and a bonus of trust worth 500,000 FCFA with a 32-inch led TV.
Where to send names and mobile money numbers’ phone for registration ?
At 699,589,206
Whatsapp, SMS and call
payment method
—By orange money at 699,589,206
—MTN mobile money at 675,511,929
—Western Union
(+237) 675,511,929
(+237) 699,589,206
SUPER 4 to serve you as a stepping stone to the wealth and well-being of your family.
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