After Douala, Buea representing the Anglophone Region will this year benefit from Israeli’s donation of the second branch of ActivSpaces High tech incubator.

The stony revelation was made earlier today by the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon HE Ran Gidor who was present at the official opening ceremony of the International Crowd Funding and Business Angel Forum organised by YES Cameroon under theme; “Innovative Financing for Start-ups and SMEs in Africa”.

In the presence of Representative of the Director of ECOWAS Julian R. Stolman, Representative of the Minister of Small and Medium Size Enterprises Mirielle Menaga and Managing Director of YES Cameroon Gilbert Eweme, HE Ran Gidor disclosed: “This is a very important year for the State of Israel, it is our 70th anniversary. We decided not to organise a National day cocktail reception. Instead we are using the budget in order to create the first branch of Active Spaces, the high tech incubator in Buea in order to extend the facility into the Anglophone Region as well”.

Going by recent international statistics, Israel is now one of the wealthiest most prosperous nations in the World and digging into history Israel is like a desert with little or no natural resources. Finding out the secrete behind Israel’s rapid growth, in an interview with Cameroon News Today- CNT, the Ambassador highlighted; “Few years back we had no natural resources but we had to create our own prosperity as a result of self sustainability, effort and brainpower”.

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Worthy of note is the fact that the Israeli Embassy is extremely active in the promotion of young entrepreneurs in Cameroon. It has already organised two seminars in the past years on innovation and entrepreneurial ship. Going by the Ambassador, the Israeli Embassy is also working closely with some banks, Cameroon and Pan African Banks in order to encourage and offer facilities to young entrepreneurs all over Cameroon.

Again, the Israeli Embassy takes credit for supporting the first business incubator in Cameroon, ActivSpaces in Douala. It supported through funding and training.

The Ambassador’s take home message for participants at the Forum; “Whatever we achieve can easily be achieved by young people in Cameroon because Cameroon has many benefits we didn’t have. Cameroon has natural resources, Cameroon is a bilingual society. So the time Cameroonian society looked out for international donors and international aid is over and let young people in Cameroon get up and help themselves improve their own conditions. Nobody is going to that for them”, the Ambassador advised.

The two-day Forum ends tomorrow and in less than a year the impact of the Forum is expected to be felt across the national territory.

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