The power of your vote in a democratic country like Cameroon, a change in leadership be it in Presidential, Senatorial, parliamentary and Municipal, is only guaranteed through the ballot box.

The power of your vote in a democratic country like Cameroon, a change in leadership be it in Presidential, Senatorial, parliamentary and Municipal, is only guaranteed through the ballot box.

So many times people complain of bad governance which results to poverty, corruption, injustice and nepotism just to name a few but the same citizens are not willing to change the course of their lives by exercising their civic responsibility.

Man is termed to be a political animal. The validity of this statement cannot be over emphasized because no matter how people try to observe neutrality, politics has a way to influence their lives.

Politics in other words can be termed policies. Which means if we put politicians to office, the policies they will produce will rule over society. So why then will you not use the power of your vote to determine the future of your live, that of your kids, your community and the country as a whole.

God himself the creator of heaven and earth is the biggest democrat. He has given man to choose freely from what is good and what is bad. He has given mankind the latitude to determine his course. This is the opportunity democracy offers citizens who uphold its value. You have to choose your leaders wisely, because they constitute a part of your destiny.

Good leaders will help you accomplish great things while bad leaders will help you to stagnate. Good leaders are like streets light along the road. They do not only make the journey short and safe at night, but they clear up our path to see where we place our feet to avoid any sort of harm.

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This is what true leadership should reflect. This is an election year in Cameroon. So many people postulating for positions, are living within us. Take your time and examine who is best to help you fulfill your dreams in life. Leadership requires a vision, accountability, humility and generosity.

Any body falling short of these principles, does not deserve the votes of the citizens of this country. The errors of one election can only be corrected after seven years in the context of presidential election while that of senatorial, parliamentary and municipal, can only be corrected after five years. This is the reason why we have to take a critical look at candidates before we entrust them with positions. The power of your vote will make you who you want to be in the future.

People go into politics for diverse reasons. To some, the joy of serving humanity is their driving force. This category according to sources is very minimal because a greater proportion of politicians think politics is all about self glorification.

The tendency of acquiring wealth for themselves and for their unborn generations is the order of the day as far as our contemporary society is concerned. Some get into politics just because they want to protect their properties while others do it just for fame. This category of individuals careless of what those who have voted them are going through on a daily basis to make ends meet.

Not all that glitters is gold. Be where of such people who will brandish money just to get to positions and there after, they show you their true colors. The power of your vote is capable of sending such politicians packing.

For communities that feel victim to such people, is time to use the power of your votes to effectuate change. Today, voter’s apathy is in a sharp increase in Cameroon because of the way local politicians are treating their electorates. They drive flashy cars and send their children to the best schools. They live in luxury while the voter is living in perpetual poverty.

The power of your vote is enough to change this in your community. The failure to vote will only ensure that the situation remains unchanged. Election periods are full of emotions and expectations. Make a difference now or never.

To achieve the desired change in your communities, you have to vote and to vote is to first of all register on the electoral list. Use this remaining months to arm yourselves with the best weapon democracy has offered you.

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